Friday, November 22, 2013

Not so tiny anymore!

I just got back from visiting my sister and her family up in San Ramon, Ca.  These are some of my favorite photos of 'Scooby'.  I finally did a layout to start her scrapbook and I just love all of it the paper and embellishments and 'Scooby's' precious face.  When I go and visit, I try to help my sister by getting up with Scob, the bad news is she seems to be on a 4:30 a.m. wake-up call everyday, and once it was 3:50-WOW!  I love to hear her voice calling me- Teta!  Anyway,  As I have mentioned before on my posts that I have given names other than the ones their parents have given them, and though she also is nicknamed Scooby, I want to call her Sunshine!  When I sing you are my sunshine to her she gently
 touches my face and quietly tries to sing along.   She is so sweet.  This sweet girl has a older sister, who carries my heart too!  She is my Beans, and she is so crafty.  I will be adding her photo with some projects soon.

Just so so can see the sweetness in my Scobby's face, here is an updated photo of her taken while we were coloring this past weekend.  She has just turned 2.  

I am still working on a 'hanger' using Kaisercraft paper line, and am crocheting a new scarf for my Beans.  She got to pick out the yarn herself--fun fur of course!  Happy Friday!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Smell a lot like Christmas

 OK, so what you may  not know of me yet is my LOVE of elves, gnomes and magical places.  I found this little friend at Hobby Lobby, I went there to get some orange sequence for my November layout class at Cool, and vowed NOT to go into the Christmas section...Among the puffy felt decorated treed and large vintage bottle brush trees with mercury bulbs, I found this lone little elf.  Unlike the other items I was madly drooling over, that were out of my budget, (it is hard to have a budget with no job!)  I found Octavius for only $8.99. He is tall enough, so not to look to lost and best part is he is in my Christmas colors! I am trying out names for our next cat. Octavius or GusGusfor short, from Cinderella. I put him on my night stand, wrapped around my marble lamp that was my Nani's also.  LOVE IT!!!  

I am going to be doing a Boutique December 4th & 5th. It is being held at California Styles in Canyon Lake.  I will have an assortment of all my wares and this includes my Biscotti.  It is the first batch I made since July.  My parents have moved but their new kitchen still has a wonderful oven for me to bake in.  When I showed up to bake yesterday, my mom gave me this happy looking apron that was my Nani's. It is a little snug but fits comfortably enough to work in.  I had a wonderful day baking in the kitchen with my mom, another great memory for me! Happy Tuesday! xo

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Well I was trying to add a photo of my recent canning items.  I went and visited my "TETA MOYA".  If I remember correctly, moya means love. well there about.  My Nani always told me that some of the words or sayings from their country don't cross over here.  ?????  But it a round about way, we always called my great aunt, Teta Moya. or Teta my love...if I am incorrect I will get back to that..but I went to visit her and we canned some applesauce....sooo good!
My brain is not working so good as I am having a sinus deal with my ears...all it takes is a little chilly wind.  It has been a few days and now my husband is sick with more of a sinus, sore throat and aching deal. There are quite a few peeps I know that are actually. But we got stuff to do, So,  I am also planning to bake my biscotti in the next few days also.  And am working on a cute hanger project with Kaisercraft products from Gena's store. COOL Scrapbook Stuff.  I did finish the Halloween layout, which is next week..if I can just figure out where the pictures I uploaded are!  I have STUFF to show you...well I hope some of you have signed up for my Christmas house project, which is this Sunday.  I have a spot already picked out of where it will go when I bring it home..only 2 weeks til I decorate for Christmas-YAY!!!  Have a wonderful day!