Monday, December 30, 2013

New device for Christmas

Hello and Happy Holidays to you!  I got an IPad mini for Christmas and I have been taking photos but don't know to get my photos!  I have so many things to share!  I have my new projects from Kaisercraft lines, cards , layout and a hanger!  Pictures soon to follow!

  I had such a wonderful holiday season! I got to bake like a mad women, visit with all of my family and even got my group of long time friends together.  I truly feel blessed.  
Some exciting new in my garden, I got sprouts!   I planted a squash, looks like a calabasa squash but not positive.   I grew from collected dried seeds.  my cabbage has also exciting.  I have all kinds of projects and work to do and wanted to celebrate New Years dinner out but I am going onto day 4 of the FLU..yuck!  So I promise to try and get back on track! sending joy, happiness and peace to you...Happy 2014!!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Just like you???

 Well, as I told you I would, here are 2 projects of my "Beans".   We were watching Christmas movies, coloring, crafting and Josie leaves the table and moves to the floor.  I don't question what she is doing, just observing....she is talking it all out.  It all started with this white ribbon and then tissue paper, then I asked her what project she had going on. Teta, I am making a Santa suit, as she is applying the belt.   She did all of this on her own until she was a little frustrated as to why her Santa hat would not stand up, nothing a little tissue can't handle.
 Oh wait, she exclaims..I need a cotton ball!  so up to mama's bathroom she went.  What you may not be able to see is that she has taped the hat on, the strips go down to her brows!  so funny and so creative for a 5 year old.
 peppermint shaped buttons and all!  love it! And below is her lioness mask with paws.  fits her perfectly, just amazed with her and when telling her how impressed I was, her reply "Teta, am I as good as you?"  Now REALLY!!!!  I told her that she was better than me, (which she quickly disagreed), Now, my Beans, Teta doesn't lie to you,, when I was five, I didn't have the imagination like you, when you get to be my age you will be a better artist then your Teta.  The smile she gave me was priceless!

This past Thanksgiving weekend was spent thanking the Lord for all my Pumpkins, my husband, my parents, my family.  Our time together is the greatest joy in the world!  Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I just wanted to note, I didn't know I had comments from people!  Thank you to those who do leave comments, Thank you for your kind words and if I should inspire you in any way, that brings more JOY than you know!