Saturday, January 31, 2015

Valentines cheer

Valentine's cheer is definitely going on here for me...reds, pinks, aqua, black, lavender!!!   I sequenced these felt hearts by little one at a time.... And these little crocheted flowers around buttons was shared on Facebook and I couldn't help myself! I had to make them!  Being able to work with little projects,  settling in my comfy spot, letting my mind go, gives me such a inner know of which I speak.  All my worries seem to fall aside and ideas, creatations take off, wether I actually get that end project done, isn't what it's about, it's about the creative's me with recipes, what's going into my garden, wether my first sewn bag all have crocheted flowers or felt..maybe both, what type of yarn and color will my next pair of gloves be, quotes and the lovely swirls that will frame them for my next card or canvas..and it goes on and on. I get so excited for each holiday as it approaches...and I enjoy every day after that, that I can create the emotion, love and memory that they hold for's a happy place, and I hope it might make you happy too! Xo

Monday, January 19, 2015

January card class

Here's a few of the cards we will be doing..having issues with this site, so I wanted to post what I could before it froze again!  I enjoyed embossing, have you embossed beforehand?? It's so neat to see it come to life under the heat gun!  We have a few of these in this months class..looking forward to seeing my friends in Fallbrook's! I have more projects to post...soon!

January card class for my Fallbrook Womens group! 4 out of 5 shown here.....I had fun rediscovering embossing of the many

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy 2015

Hello and thank you for checking back with me! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! I was so distracted with good stuff that I neglected my blog...feel horrible but.....this new year was upon us..I want to embrace it with an open heart, positive attitude and an adventurous spirit!  I have been working on opening my Etsy shop..a project I started almost 4 years ago.   I didn't have my Fallbrook Womens class in December, so I tried to use that time to be productive with my shop....well the baking, decorating, and wonderful family time I gave into and was blessed with a joyous Chrsitmas....if my iPad would allow me to post the photos I took on New Years Eve, you could understand. It was a winter wonderland at my house...we got snow!!! Maybe it's normal where you live but not here! We got 7 inches of powder! I truly had one of the best ending and beginning of a year ever! In addition to working on my shop, I got orders for Lisa Lisa Treats baking departments! I sold my biscotti and toffee..another dream come true! So 2015,  here's to my adventure, baking and creating to bring joy, inspiration and making many wonderful memories!  I will try to get more photos uploaded to share what I am working on, until then, keep creating!