Sunday, October 19, 2014

Making seeded paper

Yes, making Aunt Mary, who is a healer, by nature and profession...makes many wonderful products. Of these many items, she has formulated a facial oil, that I use every night with my face cream, and sometimes in with my morning cream...however right now, because I want it to last and I feel that I only need it once a day, I use it in the evening. It is so silky, and smooth, which brings me to my next product...glycerin soap...smells fantastic, silky smooth and leaves nothing behind, like most glycerin soaps I have tried.  I also, use a body oil...after I the summertime I have a very hard time using lotion in the summer months, hence, oils.  I love her products! She is so talented....and has enough in demand that she is starting her passion into a business. Mary has asked me to make tags, tags that can be planted and grow wild today I have made a 12x12 emerald/forest green seeded paper. In a few days I will then draw some leaves and cut them out. We will plant a few, and see what happens! Thanks for checking out my blog. XO

Friday, October 17, 2014

Here's one?..Oct card class

Hello and happy October! We are here already, and I love it! Here is a card for the upcoming class at the Fallbrook Women's center. One of five, I still can't figure how to post the photos that are here on my this one made it, and it's one of my favorites..still love the mini roses and the paper feathers. It's finally cooled down in the evenings, I have just washed my afghans in celebration!  This month I have just two fall cards and 3 Christmas cards. Next month all five will be Christmas, and no class December. January's class will be valentines and back to everyday celebrations, for which we are grateful! I will post the other cards once I can..until then, hope the Halloween vibe finds you!