Thursday, July 17, 2014

Halloweens cards in July!!!

Loving these cards! However, I was so "into" creating these cards I kept feeling like I had to hurry and put out the Halloween decor!  I have this class on tues, July 22 in Fallbrook. Looking forward to seeing the Women's group, they are so friendly, and always have something to teach me!

My newest JOY

This 12x12 canvas has been swirling around in my head for a while!  I finally decided to do it!  And I do love it!   There are moments when I first glance at it and think maybe I should make a change with monochromatic flowers...for the next one!!!  In person, it looks so much better, I must say.....I am still in love with Basic Grey's discontinued line, Lollipop shop. If you didn't see it..for me it was dreamy, bursting with jolly colors, and inspired me so!  Still my favorite combo of colors. Turquoise, red, hot pink and lime green. Just typing the colors makes me giggle.....a little to happy over here! Just wanted to share! Looking forward to my upcoming class with a wonderful group of ladies, the Fallbrook women's group on tues.   How lucky I feel to have this amazing group excited not only to create with me but love that we have become friends.  They just took me in, and seem so pleased with my designs, it truly touches my heart! So, I am reminded how a smile, a hello to someone may touch that persons life. It may be the only kindness they experience all day! Xo

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy July 4th!

I always look forward to the fireworks !!! It is also usually low key, but it's a day I look forward to because it's another date night with my husband. Like most people, he works so much that I don't get to really spend quality time with him. Having FM, by 7 p.m. I am counting down for bedtime! And sometimes he doesn't get home til later than that! I am improving though! 6 months ago I couldn't do what I am doing now, but that is a story for another time!  This post, though you wouldn't know by the photos, is my first thought about the fourth.  I am in no way a history buff, but I find it so fascinating .  I read John Adams a few years back, a must read, it was very inspiring. It brought a lot of emotion about our countries beginnings. The turmoil, the sacrifice , the hard life they lived, loving our modern day conviences! But to hear first hand what transpired, the waiting of mail, their hand written letters...loved it!  I am proud to an American. An American, for which our country wad founded on, the Constitution, so thought out for our freedom!  Let's hope we get to keep our liberties! I will stop at that. I posted these photos because, well look how lovely these Anaheim chiles look!  Dean picked them this morning, I roasted them and made us cheese and chicken stuffed chickens with a homemade mole sauce and Spanish rice from scratch. So good, I had to share!  Oh and by the way I will be posting the cards for my Fallbrook July class on Friday. Enjoy your fourth!!