Thursday, April 30, 2015

And now we are rock painting....

 I have been collecting beautiful rocks for years..I pick them up where ever I am..all it has to do is catch my eye.......well, I have wanted to start wood burning. Have you seen this? So I started henna tattoo. It is really hard, I've been working on it for a few months inbetween very other craft, gardening, baking, etc.  The arthritis has been acting up in my hands from working on a on how for my niece. So I took a break, it was last Wednesday, Earth Day, and getting my garden planted..I needed some yard markers.......I have to say, I am addicted! Look how cute these mushrooms are! I had my card class yesterday in Fallbrook, and I haven't even shown those yet either...need more hours in the day!!! Hope your all finding happiness in the simple things! Xo

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Still baking....

Hello Everyone! Hope this spring season is coming along positively joyous for you! I stumbled across the Hannah Swensen baking mystery books a few months ago and am obsessed!!! I love to bake and for Easter this year I baked her white choc macadamia cookies ( on the rt, second photo)! They were good and I can't wait to try more recipes!!! My biscotti what I really want to highlight. This batch, posted in top photo, is actually gluten free. They are great! You can't really tell a difference from the regular ones, so my tasters have said, and I think so too! I'm in the process of getting my food cottage under way! Hopefully, LisaLisaTreats will be more then just my blog and Etsy store where I share my crafty work! Thank you for stopping by..hoping to post more goodies soon!