Sunday, March 11, 2012

Someone to watch over me

Hello, hello, hello! Well the first crop went very well :) I am not a great photo taker, or is it my camera that I don't know how to are some photos I got to take before my camera battery DIED! oh goodness. I know you can't see it but my gnome fairy is holding a sign that says "someone to watch over me." I had him be the centerpiece and put their goodies around him. For you see, for me this is not just a gathering of random peeps. I consider them good friends, I hope this time and place will become a regular meeting group. A safe place to come and be. I made some biscotti for a little giftie and also make sequined shamrocks for them also. Kim is wearing hers here...I made mine when I was 7 years old. It was one of my favorite pieces that I created with my Nani. I have worn it every year since..... It was also close to Kristie's birthday so I decorated a pick for her. Amy and Kristie are wearing some of my "party hats." Such great friends and a wonderful time. I am gonna have another for National Scrapbook Day. I am working on the goodies for my girls already and of course you can't see until the event. This last week I have started organizing my studio, so exciting, it has ignited the creative ideas! yay... LUCKY LUCKY me..xoxo til next time!

Well, it has only been a week!

I am learning how these blogs work...why such the long space after the post to the previous post! gosh what a mess! ugh! Well I am going to upload the photos from the "Let's Scrap" crop...all I can do is smile!